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Probabilistic Assessment


Aging systems have many sources of uncertainties, including history of operations, design features, materials, and environments. We have used Bayesian network approach to model the performance of many systems, such as pipelines, underground gas storage systems, oil and gas production sub-systems, and nuclear waste storage tanks and canisters. Bayesian network allows a flexible and modular approach to guide decision making.

Chemical Plant
Corrosion & Materials Advisory


There are many models in corrosion, applicable to specific conditions. Some are purely empirical and useful only in limited circumstances. There are fundamental models that will be difficult to apply for complex environmental conditions. We offer services in assessing the application of various corrosion models for a specific application and providing recommendations for appropriate models. Our extensive experience with corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen embrittlement of a variety of materials enables us to provide you an expert assessment of materials issues in your industry. 

Failure Analyses and Expert Testimony


We use a combination of expert knowledge of the fundamentals of materials and corrosion processes, and access to a variety of modeling tools to provide a comprehensive failure analysis. Where needed, external laboratories are utilized to perform characterization of the failures (Scanning electron microscopy or other analytical tools needed). Expert testimony can be provided where needed.

Gap Analysis and Road Mapping

We assist industry in conducting gap analysis to fulfill risk assessment and technology development needs. We have also held road mapping workshops with multiple stakeholders for a given industry to provide recommendations of research needs and pathways to accomplish these.

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